Just signed up for O2.ie today and I am on the 15gb for 20euro contract. Why is there a charge of €1.40 on my account? I am only paying €20.32 a month via direct debit so why is there a charge? Broadband no. is 0864178238 if you wanna check. I paid it anyway (without knowing what the hell it was for) as it was only a euro forty, but now it showing up again, only this time in brackets like this: €(1.40) - what's the story? I Want my €1.40 refunded to my card if I didn't have to pay it....


It's a credit of €1.40, we received a payment of €1.40 by Visa but there was nothing due on the account at the time. We'll take the €1.40 off your next bill in March.

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