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Hi all,

Just looking for some advice. I rarely wear suits, mayve once or twice a year, but the last few times have been wearing the same thing - dark grey suit, black shoes which I have had for almost 10 years now (!!!) and a light purple shirt and tie.

I like the dark grey suit, but should get another pair of shoes. I was thinking of dark brown? Would this work?

I might either stick with the purple shirt or might invest in a new one?

Any ideas? Should I stick with a new pair of black shoes instead? I would probably wear the shoes again, so was thinking if I got brogues, they would go with "non suit wearing"......?

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Light blue shirt with a dark blue/navy tie looks good i think.

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Yep, that could shoes?

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Why don't you bring the trousers with you whenever you are purchasing the shirt/tie/shoes? The shop assistants should be willing and able to advise you on what to buy. They will know exactly what is available and have lots of experience in trends and what will look best with that colour. IMO the style of shoe would depend also on the cut of the trouser. Some more fitted trousers would look best with tapered shoes, whereas the brogues you suggest would look good with a wider fitted trouser. I
don't think it matters where you go, it just depends on price range. Diffneys/Arnotts/Marks & Spencer etc are all good. Don't know where you are wearing the outfit, but in general, the quality of the shirt/tie will either make a suit look more expensive or less expensive. Probably worth spending a little more for better quality. Good luck!

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The pants would be a wider fit, pretty regular suit.......
I'll go for the quality then! Will be worn for a wedding....

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For a dark grey suit, I would stick with black shoes

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was thinking the same myself. Will stick with black shoes, but will try a light blue shirt and dark blue/navy tie....

The suit could be called "charcoal" more than dark grey....


White shirt, some red in the tie.

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White shirt, some red in the tie.

You can't beat a good quality white shirt and a nice rich red tie with a dark suit. But they bothmust be of decent quality. I have a couple of white shirts and red ties and they never fail to impress

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The white shirt, red tie combo can look very severe. Same with the blue shirt, yellow tie power combo.

I wore this to my most recent IT job interview (Got the job ) But also wore it to a funeral (Everyone reckoned I looked very well in it), and reckon it would work well for a party type function.

Wore the same suit with a light blue shirt and Navy tie for the first round of the interview.

Stick to a black leather belt and shoes with the charcoal suit. But you could try a different style.

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I ended up going for a blue shirt and blue tie, and black shoes. Wasn't much choice for shoes on the day I went shopping, so got generic black shoes, no laces, which were ok. The ones in the pics would have been nice to get, but no harm done..........

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