CiaranK Registered User
karaokeman Registered User

Seems like a really small venue for Cohen.

Didn't he not sell out 4 O2's not so long ago?

me-skywalker Registered User

He played in Kilmainham in 2008. My cousin seen him at both nights, said it was one of the best experiences of his life. Forget the O2, this is intimacy you would prefer with an artist.

gifted Registered User

Saw him there as well in 2008, one of the best gigs ever . It was also meant to have been his farewell tour......

CiaranK Registered User

It's not that small 4th picture down you really get a sense of it (Thats not the full crowd either.)

Furious-Red Moderator

Its in the same area where Forbidden Fruit festival is and the capacity is 10,000

karaokeman Registered User

When will this gig be announced properly (date etc and when tickets go on sale)?

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