EileenG Moderator

So we're going to try a free giveaway and see how it affects my ranking.

Don't Feed the Fairies is free today. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006GGF6PG/

Please download it, because from what I gather, the more downloads I get, the higher it goes in the Amazon ranks, and this translates into increased sales for the following week or longer.

Ectoplasm Registered User

I've downloaded it myself, so that's one. I could suggest it to others if you'd like? They might not be the 'target audience' but I'm sure you'd get quite a few downloads as a result.

wavehopper1 Registered User

I've grabbed a copy. Wouldn't be my genre usually but I look forward to reading it.
I take it that you're conducting a bit of a sales experiment by giving it free. Unless it's confidential I'd be interested if you were prepared to post a follow up on the effects, just percentages would be fine. Best of luck.

Antilles Registered User

I've got my copy!

(Happy birthday, by the way!)

EileenG Moderator

Oh yes, I'll be posting up the results.

This book has been on sale for several months, and it consistantly sells a few every day, but usually single digit, not dozens. So I want to see what happens when I give it away, particularly if it affects sales afterwards, and if it affects sales of my newer book.

So far today, there have been over seventy downloads.

Antilles Registered User

I don't see its current rank. Is that available anywhere?

EileenG Moderator

Available on Amazon.com, .co.uk., .de, .es, .fr, .it

So far, there have been 460 downloads from Amazon.com, 87 from .co.uk, 15 from Amazon.de and one from Amazon.es


I like supporting things like this, and download the kindle app for PC, hope that counts... I don't know that many amazon users or maybe that's just me... but the best of luck with your strategy.

EileenG Moderator

Thanks. Yes, it counts.

I'll tell you next week how it all worked. Right now, I'm ranking up there with Douglas Adams and ahead of HG Wells.

kickarykee Registered User

Oh I missed it
Too bad... but I will buy it anyway after I read the books currently waiting on my shelve


I am late just saw this post and wanted to download.. But alas..!

kickarykee Registered User

was the same here

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