after_shock3000 Registered User

Just spotted this on ibood.

Verbatim 4 bay NAS with a Gigabit port and RAID 0,1,5 and 6, just under 115 delivered. It's £150 on amazon.


Seems like a pretty good deal, but I can't find any reviews. Anyone have 1 or know if they're any good?

gomara Registered User

Seems an OK deal but just to alert anyone that isn't aware :-

1) There are no disks installed, you'll have to add these yourself.

2) No wireless option so you'll need physical CAT5 connections to your PC or better still your router box, ideally 2 x Gigabit.

4) Disks to use are SATA, ok speedwise and cheap, but not as fast as SCSI or SAS disks. 4 x 1TB SATA drives is going to cost > €300 so take that into account

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