fishtank5 Registered User

Hey all,

Im looking for the name or link of a place thats sells these.

I was not aware suce a simple item was available till I seen a guy in my gym using it.

Anyone know the correct name for this... Finding it difficult to come across anything online at the min

Thanks in advance

ling-zing Registered User

Resistance bands is what your looking for

i think the power band would work for pull ups

gavtron Registered User

I got mine from
they have a great selection and are pretty cheap even with shipping from the US.

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Hanley Banned

The exercise is generally referred to as band assisted chins/pull ups.

As mentioned Ironwoody are a great place to buy from and even have a "pull up package" on offer.


Pullum Sports are good for this sort of stuff too:

rubadub Registered User

I use mountain bike inner tubes as bands. If you know a cyclist they might have some old tubes they do not need, i.e. too many punctures or some just replace tubes rather than bother repairing. I know of 2 discarded bikes in my area.

If you only want them for chinups you could try negative chinups instead, as you will have no need for the bands once you are strong enough -though they do have other uses.

fishtank5 Registered User

Thanks everyone =)


ling-zing said:
Resistance bands is what your looking for

i think the power band would work for pull ups

These definitely work for pullups and chinups as well as a heap of other stuff.

Mobilitywod uses them a lot too, might help you with your chin ups

CrazySka Registered User

For bricks and mortar, Crossfit in Sandyford should also have these, I would ring them first to ensure they have them as they tend to turn them around fairly quickly.

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