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Hi everyone,

I am 28 years old and originally from Spain (hopefully with a not too strong accent). I would like to audition in order to find a band around Dublin. Never sang professionally, just performed in a couple open-mic nights so far.

I play rhythmic guitar and compose my own songs, both in English and Spanish. I like acoustic music, rock-pop, punk-rock... and I would say I am best at an acoustic-pop style (kinda Matt Nathanson, Jason Mraz, etc).
Also, I am taking singing classes at the moment to improve it (so you see I'm committed to it

Let me know if you are interested in organizing an audition, or if you need to listen to some examples, let me know and I will post some videos of different songs depending on the style you're interested in.

Thanks a mil!


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Hi Andres,

We are a hardrock/heavymetal band looking for a singer.
We are an original dublin based band, so if you are interested send me your email address and I'll send you some tunes.

Any sample of your performances?

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AndresMJ Registered User

Here singing "Your song" by Sir Elton,

Here "I saw" by Matt Nathanson,

Here "Hungover", "funny" song by myself

Here "I'm yours" by Jason Mraz on a Ukulele:

Thank you for watching!!
Any constructive criticism is more than welcome!

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