good stuff. ive just been online and applied to a range of places i found on seek.com,as well as michealpages. ive also emailed 4 recruitment consultants directly with a cv and cover letter,stressing the fact im looking for sponsorship and two have got back to me already and thats with the time difference

i reckon if companies see you're not an early twenty something and you're there for work,they'll take an interest ( and thats not a slight on anyone ,its actually unfair that the serious people get lumped in with the backpackers)

SupraSonic_26 Registered User

Ya i see what you mean im 28 nothing for me here done alot research and if im lucky to get a job in what i do over there i could easily afford a place to myself for around 270 dollars a week, im bringing over enough to do me for a good while.

are you doing the fruit picking or construction work to get 2nd year visa?


im 31 now so the second visa aint an option. the pressure will be on to get sponosored. but im not going to rush it, if if happens, it happens. if not, at least i'l have a years experience in a great country

Niallers87 Registered User

i just returned from oz before xmas and im wondering what im still doing here in ireland!! The biggest problem i had over there was the fact that employers see ur on a WHV and arent interested as mentioned above, so for a finish i didnt mention it in my CV at least if you get an interview you can personally give them a gurantee that ur not gonna skip off after 6 months. Lucky i have the second yr visa, now all i need is the money to get back dere!!!!

PirateShampoo Registered User

If someone in Perth is looking for reginal work, I got this txt today...

If u have retic install exp, can work away for 3 months in Northam, €38hr Call 0413 454 061 Selena Labourforce
- by VisualGSM Lite, Visualtron.com

MJOAP Registered User


Register with Seek.com.au, Michael Page, and Hays.
You can go into these websites and create "search filters".

Get qualified ASAP and then you will be eligible for skilled independent visa.

Best of luck


i think my bachelors business degree qualifies me for the skilled workers visa

i registered with the above 3 last week

hussey Registered User


ObviouslyJesus said:

i'll more than likely deal with recruitment agencies, i started a thread here before asking for some reputable ones but hussey the moderator deemed it a worthless thread and deleted it

2) http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?p=77266670
im surprised yout thread lasted this long,some of the mods on here are right prissy about obeying the forum charter that moses himself brought down from mount zion

3) http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=2056549210

Mod - ENOUGH, stop acting like a child, now you can get get over it or stay away ... up to you


this cat has claws

hussey Registered User

ObviouslyJesus said:
this cat has claws

Mod - I warned ya. Anymore personal jibes towards Mods here and next one will be perm.

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