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On 18th Oct 10 my boyfriends mother bought a laptop from Komplett online. She tried twice to purchase using visa - both transactions declined. Her bank proceeded to call her to question the transactions. They explained that they did not let the transactions go through as it was not her usual spend. She explained to them that he was buying a laptop (600eur approx) and they agreed to let the transaction through but told her that the first two attempts would be cancelled. The third attempt was successful but she shortly realised her account ha been charges 3 x 600 eur. A week later one laptop arrived and shortly after a second laptop arrived. After calling Komplett a number of times she was advised to send the 2nd laptop back and she would be refunded. At this stage she was told the 3rd laptop was on route and to do similar once she received this and the second 600eur refund would be put through as a separate transaction once they received the laptop back. In June 11 she received 600 eur refund for the 2nd laptop. The third laptop to this day has never arrived. Komplett refuse to refund her her 600eur as they claim they laptop was dispatched and seeing as they haven't received it back they won't give her her 600eur back. This has dragged out so long that VISA cannot help. Please can someone advise how he can get her money back for a laptop she never received and didn't need in the first place!


Hi Sarah,

Can you please pm me the relevant details for this case so that I can investigate it for you?

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Someone had to of signed for it so theres a signature somewhere and if its not yours then your entitled to refund.

I remember once years ago i purhcased some hardware from komplett and waited a while, it never arrived. After i emailed them they said it was delivered and signed for and they forwarded me a copy of the document that was signed..

I havnt a clue whos signature was on it but it was not mine or anyone elses that live in my house.

Since the signature was not mine i was shipped out new components. I dont know whatever happened to the parts that were delivered and signed for elsewhere.

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