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i found an ipod on the train today. id like to get it back to the owner but really dont trust the train staff. i will stick posters around campus. so if anyone knows anything about it they can leave a message here. will only return it as long as the owner can identify it. is that fair enough?

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Sounds fair enough. Maybe put some at train stations too in case it didn't belong to a student?

Luap Registered User

Fair play OP, we need more people like you.

MajorMax Registered User

Good for you!

onionballs Registered User

i gave the lost and found department an email and gave them my details. i just know some of them people keep the lost and found stuff.

onionballs Registered User

found the owner. meeting him tomorrow

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Great that you found it, but I have to play a little Devil's Advocate here....

I lost my wallet on a train at that station. The guys who work there saw my student card, rang the college who then contacted me. Went down that day and got my wallet with all it's contents.

onionballs Registered User

fair comment, maybe i was wrong to not trust the rail staff. i know full well of people keeping stuff handed in. wrong to tar everyone with that brush though

honeybadger11 Registered User


I lost an ipod on the train last wednesday? square black one? Appreciate if you get back to me!

onionballs Registered User

well that wasn't the one i found. i already gave mine back

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