Curlz24 Registered User

Hi there,

My goddaughter is being confirmed and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what I could get her for it?

I want to get her something a little be different and cost is not an issue (but dont go OTT )

I would appreciate any ideas that people may have,


Cathmandooo Gifterator

Trip to Disneyland?!

A watch? A nice piece of jewellery? Her first handbag? Tickets to a concert and you go with her, make it a special day together?

Plek Trum Registered User

Perhaps a Pandora bracelet?

Nice simply design, popular with kids - pick a charm or two to go with it and you / she can add to it over the next few occassions. Have it as a 'story piece' between the two of you?

ZX7R Registered User

My nephew is also making his confirmation this weekend how much money is ok to give in a card

Curlz24 Registered User

Thanks Guys for the ideas and the advice,I went with the Pandora bracelet and she absolutely loved it!

Great ideas

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