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Sorry I didn't answer there. I fell back asleep.

Honkshoo Honkshoo Honkshoo

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Niggos Banned


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Farty D

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Whale penis?



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Has anybody guessed the word yet?

I'm guessing 'spletters'


I'm not telling

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Whale penis?


FTGFOP said:
Whale penis?

Posting that twice made it the number 2 contender.



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Can I bring a few things to your attention.

This thread was started on the 22/2/2012

As you can see the Thread is called 'Guess this week's secret word'

Now according to the Oxford online dictionary

And according to the Gregorian calendar for february 2012 there are 29 days.

So we are 11 days past the 'weeks word' so I demand to know what the word is!

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