1. I click on a bookmark or type an address and it wont load.

2. I get this message 10 seconds later "Oops! Google Chrome could not find www."*"

3. I click on the Try Reloading link and it does reload, sometimes.

4. Not good enough.

5. Internet Explorer does the same thing.

Please give me a resolution to this problem........

Using the 7mb home broadband package, switched from eircom last week and never had these problems.




Hi portumnadaz,

Very sorry for the long delay.

A query like this would have a lot of variable that we would need to cover so I would recommend giving the help desk a call (http://www.vodafone.ie/helpsupport/contactus/)

If that is not an option, then at a stab in the dark it sounds like it could be a DNS issue, if you could let me know what operating system you are using I can post op some instructions for that.

It could also be intermittent connection - this could be due to local settings or profile settings from our end.
Local settings there are many possibilities.
If the issue is profile related though I should be able to find it pretty quickly so if you could PM me the landline number I can look into that for you.



I figured out the problem, I needed to update the firmware on the router.

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