Sync Registered User

I'm away all weekend, will be back on monday night... and for most of the week... hopefully get the few games played...

zefer Registered User

Atl Madrid in Championship, finding it hard to get certain people.
Will be in from about 5.30 today, still to play:

Gameweek 4:
Spurs - Mau.UnitedLad
Real Madrid - Rondeco

Gameweek 5:
Man Utd - Dufflecoatsunri

Gameweek 6:
Liverpool - Sync

Gameweek 7:
Bayern - Mr Moon
Man City - Lemlin

Gameweek 8:
Spurs - Mau.UnitedLad

Gameweek 9:
Real Madrid - Rondeco
Napoli - hunoverbunny

Any of above about later on??

hungoverbunny Registered User

ill be on. to give you three points

zefer Registered User

hungoverbunny said:
ill be on. to give you three points

haha, i doubt it! I can't buy a goal, never mind a win at the moment!!

Keano! Registered User

I'm on all night now and due to play these.... bold ones I'm the home team.

Barcelona (darraghjm)
Bayern Munich (Mr Moon)
Tottenham (Man.UnitedLad)
Real Madrid (Rondeco)
Borussia Dortmund (brianregan09)
Man Utd (Dufflecoatsunri)

ScummyMan Registered User

Spurs in the Championship on now

Cjayses Registered User

Ideal time to play Inter in the premiership! 2 wins in 20 games on H2H seasons... Will anyone be on?

Parawind Registered User

Cjayses said:
Ideal time to play Inter in the premiership! 2 wins in 20 games on H2H seasons... Will anyone be on?

My apologies, I keep missing your messages and then seeing them hours later.

If you try message me and i'm on the dashboard, chances are i won't notice cause i'm not actually on the xbox. So don't worry i'm not ignoring you intentionally.

Moiph Registered User

I'll be online for most of tonight. Arsenal in the Premiership.

Keano! Registered User

Milan in Championship....

On after 8.30

Mr Moon Moderator

League closing this Sunday at midnight, please try and play as many games as you can over the week

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youreadthis Registered User

Chelsea in the championship.

Need to play:

Bayern, Man City, Man U

Tell me when you're about. Not seen City or Utd in a while.

Axwell Moderator

Still waiting to play Spurs in the championship..on now if you about.

rondeco Registered User

I can play almost anytime today. PM if you want a game

brianregan09 Registered User

On now and for the night if Milan are around and thats me done

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