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I am not a computer IT person so I need a little help

basically I had a webpage done 4 - 5 years ago in HTML and it hosted on a cpanel. ( sorry if this is not the correct info)
I wish to edit my website but dont really have a clue how to go about this. the guy who did my website is left the country !!! I have access to my C panel and I am a little familiar with the file manager.
But really looking for a fool proof way of editing it and up loading new photos , I have googled this but cannot seem to find what im looking for...I cannot afford to pay a web developer to do this so any help would be grateful


does it have anything like fantastico installed? if it does you could try installing some photo gallery software from it (it talks you through the install) and that will let you upload and manage your photos through a handy gui.

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By cpanel I wonder do you mean a hosting control panel such as in cmsmotion?

This is a user interface that may require a username and password where you can manage databases and files that your website uses.


i assumed by cpanel he ment the cpanel hosting control panel

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