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As I was following the thread, I was wondering how easy is it to set up the multi-LNB arrangement on the offsetting bracket. Would the receivers you're talking about be capable of accommodating USALS so that you could use a motor to drive the dish to the satellite you wanted? Once the motor with dish are mounted on a perfectly vertical pole or bracket and the dish bracketed correctly onto the motor's arm, the dish will be rotated to find the various satellites with a single LNB. That might not apply when it comes to 9E, however, if it uses a different kind of signal collector. Anyway, I am in mid-Kildare and use a motorised setup to receive from 28.2E, 19.2E, 13E and 5W without too much bother at all. I've never installed a multi-LNB setup, but that looks more daunting to me than the motorised setup. Don't know about the costs though.

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Hi density,

What size dish are you using

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60cm. I might occasionally have problems with rain fade, but it works fine most of the time. An 80cm dish might be better against that problem, but maybe harder to mount. My 60cm dish is mounted on the wall of my back wall, which runs fairly close to north and south. An 80cm dish would probably bump into the wall for the Atlantic Bird 3 (5W).

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Are you thinking of replacing it with a multi lnb setup?

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Hey Folks,

Just a follow up to my initial post on getting freesat 28.2 and going with a second LNB for 19.2E. In the end I also decided to add Hotbird at 13E (glad i did as thinking about package from Cyfra+). I went with an installer from ISAA (not sure if I can name on forum) but as you can see he did a great job and I’m more than pleased with his service and standard of work (highly recommended if anyone looking for work in Northwest area). Just want to thank everyone for their help.


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