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Just need some advice regarding a work issue and how to approach the situation. I’m currently on my second 1 year contract which is up for renewal mid-March. Over the previous year my tolerance / desire to continue in my area of work has noise dived and i won’t be renewing my contract. I don’t have a mortgage, loans, wife, kids etc so ive no commitments / its unnecessary for me to stay in a job Im not happy in. I've a lot of money in the bank and emigration is the mostly like scenario going forward.

First problem- our department just got a new manager and i imagine he isn’t familiar with my contract. Should i approach him and mention my contract is up for renewal shortly (1 month). Should i tell him ive no intention of signing another contract or should I request a new contract then wait a week only to say “these terms and conditions don’t suit me”. This option doesn’t sit right with me as im generally an honest person. This path seems disingenuous but protects me to a certain extend. When i leave a part of my workload will land on his desk.

Secondly – My work colleagues. There is a lot of internal strife within the company at the moment; a lot of friction between departments and individuals. The morale of all employees is pretty low. At this stage i don’t care about the company but i know leaving is going to be a strain on the people i work with directly. Im the most junior person there and the people around me mentored / carried me for a long time (they still are). Im of the opinion my leaving is going to down like that Italian captain abandoning his ship. Again the work im currently do will be offloaded to my colleagues. At what stage do you think i should give them notice of my leaving? 1month, 2weeks? There’s also the worry that the final weeks could be more difficult than they should be

Im sure there are people who have been in the same boat as me. Any advice / suggestions welcomed


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I'd tell the manager upfront and asap that your contract is up and you won't be renewing. You're good to think of your colleagues, but it's not your problem - especially as you're junior to them.

When you tell your manager you won't be renewing the contract, confirm with him that it's OK to tell your colleagues that you're leaving. They might want to keep it under-wraps for a short while until they can come up with some sort of plan to communicate to your colleagues.

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