i have attached a couple of pictures of part of theold statue of the english queen victoria that once stood in the grounds of Leinster House. one of the pics look like dublin castle is it still there if not does anyone know where it might be?

the statue is of hibernia holding a dying dublin fusilier from boer war.


Original full statue below, well the top Queen Victoria is in Oz and those images you posted pop up as Dublin Castle do it seems to be moved around the grounds over the years. Its not actually Hibernia but Victory

Irish Soldier in Dublin Castle: The bronze statue of Victory (Tending the Dying Soldier), sculpted by John Hughes RHA (1865-1941).

Info on John Hughes and the statue from the dictionary of Irish Architects

John Hughes, who was born in Dublin in 1865, was the instructor in modelling at the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art from 1894 until 1902, when he received the commission for the national monument to Queen Victoria. In order to carry out the commission with greater ease, he went to live in Paris, where he remained for the rest of his life. After he had moved to France, he was also commissioned to design a monument to Gladstone for Dublin, but by the time the monument was completed the Second World War had intervened and the political climate in Ireland had changed. Dublin Corporation repudiated the work, which was eventually erected instead in Gladstone's birthplace, Hawarden, Flintshire.

Date: 1903-1906
Nature: Bronze statue of Queen Victoria in front of Leinster House, on pedestal of Lunel marble with bronze figures representing War, Peace and Fame and. Also small stone figures of Science, Literature and Art. Pedestal designed by Basile Couremenos. Bronze founder: J. Malesset, Paris. Contractors for erection: Vienne, Paris. Unveiled 15 Feb 1908. Removed, July 1948 and stored in grounds of Royal Hospital, Kilmainham; statue moved to Sydney,Australia, 1986; attendant figures at Dublin Castle and Royal Hospital Kilmainham; plinth in Bully's Acre, Royal Hospital (1998).
Refs: Building News 83, 28 Nov 1902, 779; Alan Denson, John Hughes, Sculptor 1865-1941 (Kendal, 1969), 200-244,413, Pls.. 96-113 (copy in IAA, Acc. 2005/055); S. Breathnach Lynch, 'John Hughes: the Italian connection', Irish Arts Review 10 (1994), 195(illus.); Paula Murphy, 'The politics of the street monument', Irish Arts Review 10 (1994), 207(illus.); Paula Murphy, Nineteenth-Century Irish Sculpture: Native Genius Reaffirmed (Yale University Press: New Haven & London, 2010), 219,235,237-8,Figs.298-300,315-317.

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i went into Dublin Castle and the statue is still there. its in a garden off the square but there is no public access to it at the moment as there is some repairs to be done before the garden is open to the public again. i was able to get a look at it and the detail is great. i have attached some photos i took for those who might be interested.

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I saw the queen part of that statue in Sydney a few years ago, it's outside a ornate victorian-style shopping mall


Far as I remember there is a little plaque on it saying where it came from.


Morlar said:
I saw the queen part of that statue in Sydney a few years ago, it's outside a ornate victorian-style shopping mall


Far as I remember there is a little plaque on it saying where it came from.

apparently the statue is on permanent loan to Australia.

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I believe a similar statue was found in UCC where it had been buried.

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Last Saturday i went in to Dublin Castle and asked one of the constables if it would be possible to go and see the statue, although it is 'out of bounds'. He gave me this lame story that the garden where it is situated was very overgrown and uneven so it was unsafe to walk in, and therefore there was no way i could get in. he also pointed out that if he was caught bringing me then he was likely to be fired. Fair enough.. i left it at that and left the castle. As i was walking out the gate, here comes Mr. Constable driving out obviously finished work for the day. He had obviously fobbed me off to get away after his days work. I turned around and went back in. The tours of the castle had finished for the day but i was lucky enough to meet this wonderful lady who had no problem at all taking me into the garden to see and photograph the statue. She even gave me the history of the statue and agreed that it shouldn't be kept from the public. Unfortunately i don't seem to be able to upload a photo

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You need to post a link, to upload photo's you have to have 50 post on boards.

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Numanoid817 if you want to email it to me at the address I have sent you in a private message, I will upload it for you.

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