Jack burton Registered User

Right have some stuff to trade, buckle in because here we go

OK all the MD games are complete, so is metriod prime, both FFX and one FFVIII

The rest of the games are all just boxed without manual

o1s1n Registered User

I already have Alien Soldier, but for some reason really want this one too.

Any idea what you'd be looking to trade?

Edit - actually you know what, I'm just being greedy

Someone else here needs to get this. It's better then Gunstar Heroes.

CiDeRmAn Category Moderator

So, what are you looking for for Alien Soldier and Rocket Knight?
I'm not sure what I have though, give me an idea....

OwaynOTT Registered User

Any interest in a Dreamcast, two ****e games for it, 3 controllers (2 boxed not used), VGA box and the console is boxed but missing inner cardboard? Console is a pal one and slightly yellowed on top.
Or a pink micro?

For Alien Soldier. It's all I have to trade at the moment and I've just blown my monthly budget on se gameboy games and pratchett books. For the second month in a row.

Jack burton Registered User

Yeah I kinda want to have 2 Alien Soldiers aswell but its being greedy, other people need to enjoy this game

Not sure what I'd be looking for, Wouldnt say anyone here has the MD games I'm looking for at the moment. I'm getting into US SNES games aswell, but another long shot I'd say. I'd like to get a JAP Saturn if anyone is up for that aswell

Owayn: I'm alright for those, have a boxed DC already and have **** all GB advanced games

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