• Still playing it, still subbed and still having fun. (46.73%)
  • Still playing, but just till my sub runs out. (7.48%)
  • Cancelled my sub, but I'll be back in a few months once they fix it. (14.02%)
  • Cancelled my sub, not coming back. (31.78%)
Raphael Moderating is Magic

So, over the last 2 months since TOR launched, it's seen a lot of people getting very disatisfied, and I've noticed the game getting a bit quieter on the inside as well. So who's still around?

If anyone thinks a poll option is missing, please post in thread with it and I'll add it.

Kiith Moderator

I'm subbed for another 30-40 odd days, but i've not logged in for a week or two. I enjoyed the game, but it's just not enough. And i'd not necessarily blame TOR, just mmo's in general. They really just don't do anything for me at the moment. Until we get one that does something very different, i'm pretty much done with the genre.

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Anyone Registered User

Still playing, still enjoying it. However, I'm not sure what to do once I have levelled. I have 3 chars on the go right now, and enjoying all 3. But I'm a bit wary of getting too involved in it, as I dont want a re-occurance of my WoW addiction

Raphael Moderating is Magic

TBH Kiith I think that's a big culprit for player number drop off - TOR is a very samey MMO, and doesn't have the polish of any more established ones that have had time to work out their kinks.

Now that I've hit 50, my time is roughly split between RP, levelling alts, and doing Hardmodes, but I'm only playing once or twice a week now, so I don't need as much content to get me by.

Loco Registered User

The servers are defo not populated enough. They could do with merging a few of them, if that is possible.

It gets extremely boring wandering around empty planets and I'm tired of constantly spamming LFG on guild/general chat with no responses!

I haven't even managed to do a raid yet, as each of the ones I have tried joining up in didn't get enough players.

After level 30 its all the same really - kill 25, kill 50, destroy box, kill boss etc.

I hit 50 with a sorceror, and tried to start an alt but got bored.

Already back on BF3!

Akarinn Registered User

Ditch the game.. Its not worth it, mmo's are dead for me now, WoW destroyed that. Everytime i play a new mmo i just go back to thinking , what has this got that WoW doesnt.. So really, as some1 said above..

Until we get one that does something very different, i'm pretty much done with the genre.

This is soo true.. Get away from mmo's for a couple of years, and hopefully when you/we return things will be different.. Currently im sick of them, and i dont see any reason to continue playing.

Welease Registered User

Still playing.. only log in to do the pvp daily.. Grinding out the last couple of pvp levels to level 60..

I'll keep the sub up and running, as no other game interests me (not that this does much either).. but they need to do something with ilum fast.. There is absolutely no pvp end game..

Luckily I have a rake of xbox and wii games that need immediate attention

ShadowHearth Registered User

like most i guess. nothing new i can tell here, i already said about it other thread.

SWTOR is a SOLID MMORPG, unfortunately this will atract only new to mmorpg people, those who were around the block will just see the same stuff only wraped in SW universe.

its a great game, but mmorpgs ran out of steam for me. i am back to BF3 now.

i dont think i will ever start any more mmorpgs unless those are just pure sex and drops something new to the mmorpgs world. after 5 years of WoW slavery i am enjoying gaming once again!

oh yeah, way too much money wasted on mmorpgs which did not took off:

warhammer online
Now SWTOR too...

Dcully Moderator

Have to disagree with you shadowhearth, its far from "a solid mmo" or a "great game"
Its more like a single player game than an mmo,there just so much wrong with it i really havent time to list lol.

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Cillo rs200 Registered User

I've still subbed, although I haven't played in around a week and i'll more than likely cancel my sub after this month. I think the stories are great but I just don't have the drive to burn through the very generic side quests. The WOW like clone controls were a major turn off too, I imagined controls a bit like the force unleashed when I seen the first few cinematic trailers....I am hearing good things about teras combat however

Venom Registered User

As big a fan as I am of both MMOs and Star Wars I just can't see myself going back to SWTOR. The sheer amount of flawed game design ranging from the huge amount of instancing, dull gameplay and boring combat are things I can't see Bioware being able to fix with just patches.

YouSavedMyLife Registered User

Still playing and enjoying it. Although we just killed SOA on Nightmare tonight so that means we have all content clear on Nightmare so it could indeed get boring for me simply farming raid content. New patch coming out next month with a new raid so hopefully its decent, but how long will a single raid dungeon tide me over till the next raid? I think im gonna get off the ride when Diablo 3 or Tera is released.

As far as people thinking its a single player game with the amount of instancing in it, i do agree......for leveling. But when your doing endgame the social aspect and grouping really picks up. And yeah it is very much a WOW clone in Star Wars skin, but if you jumped straight over from WOW i can see how you could get jaded fast with SWTOR. I on the other hand havent played an MMO in over 3 years so it feels reasonably fresh for me.

PVP in SWTOR doesnt interest me at all. Actually its terrible.

Shiminay Moderator

I got a 6 month sub and I don't regret it. I've been side tracked by other games atm, but am looking forward to getting back into it.

As an aside, I tried playing WoW the other day and thought it was appallingly dull and boring compared to Star Wars, so I guess it's a "generation" thing as to who like what


I am subscribed until the end of March though I haven't logged in since the end of January.

Just not worth the time at the moment, very plain and monotonous, I have a level 42 Powertech Bounty Hunter.

November One Registered User

Still delightfully hooked on this.

It's been years since I played Wow and while of course I can spot the similarities I can't help but feel this game is a drastic improvement.

While I can understand a few of the complaints aimed at it, I'm failing to grasp the reason for the huge amount of butt hurt on this forum. I was expecting a story driven Star Wars MMO that borrowed it's combat from WoW's formula (if it aint broke don't fix it!), and that's exactly what I got. People that were expecting revolution instead of evolution clearly spent no time following the development of this game.

That being said my highest level character is only 42 so I haven't experienced how great or terrible the end game is, then again I'm enjoying the story-heavy single player style of leveling (with a healthy dose of PvP to break it up) so odds are once I ding 50 if there's a lack of content I'll happily just role a new toon to experience that class's story. The games only out 2 months, it's obviously gonna take time to flesh out the full end game experience.

My primary fear is that so many people played Wow for so long that in their eyes nothing will ever compare to it. Don't get me wrong it was a genre defining game and I doubt any other will reach the dizzying subscription heights it had, but it's now 8 years old and the age is certainly showing. It's time for people to move on. So long as there isn't a mass exodus back to the kung fu panda expansion I'm confident SWTOR will do fine.

Just my €0.02

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