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We have a 7 year old blind mutt which was a stray and we have had for couple of years. He was an outside dog (met the owners)so never officially toilet trained but when we have had him in house he will let you know when he needs to go. We have kept him living outside in kennel but over last year he has worked his way into the house more and more (they get under your skin) and in last couple of months he has started to sleep in the house at night. For the most part this is fine but on 2 occassions now we have worken up to doggie present waiting for us in the kitchen!! This morning he wet his bed also. We don't know why he is doing this as he gets his walks and we let him go out every night before we go to bed (after 10pm) and we are up from 6am. He knows he should not do it as on both occassions he been sitting at the other end of the kitchen with his head down. I am not sure what we can do to stop this; has anyone experienced this and if so do you have any advice on how we can get around this?

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What time is his last meal and do you feed him at the same time every day?

When a dog out of the blue wets its bed I'd usually have a urine sample checked at the vets first to rule out infection.

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I would get him checked by the vet. Dogs dont like going to the toilet where they sleep so there is obviously something up if he cant even make it out of his bed to go to the toilet.

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Thanks, he has his meal at same time every night and he always goes out before bedtime. Last nighthe was out twice. Very strange, this is the first time he has wet the bed but on odd occasion he has tried to mark his territory in house usually when excited. Could it be anything to do with bed - i washed all his beds over the weekend and washed him too. As his usual bed was not dry I gave him second bed which is not his favourite.

Will get him checked at vet

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Second the vet option as soon as you can. It doesnt sound like its anything you're doing wrong or your dog. It definitely sounds like an underlying health issue rather than behavioural and he just cant help it. It'll be distressing for him having his bed wet so it could be just a simple UTI that can be easily treated.


It sounds like the poor thing definately needs a check up, toileting issues are one of the first things to go especially if they are sick. Good luck.

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thanks everyone will get him checked out at vet. To be honest I don't think that the bed wetting is that much of a worry yet as he gets notions and marks his territory and this is the first time he has ever wet the bed. If I let him in the evening when i get home from work i have to stay with him, if i go upstairs he will pee against the door. I am more concerned about his number 2's - he the last 2 months he has done this twice (and once at a friends house) and he normally makes himself known that he wants out.

Other than that he seems fine, has load of energy and loves his walks and food.

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I would definitely be getting him checked out, peeing in his bed is not marking and is not normal. It could be anything from a UTI to prostate problems which leads me to the next question.

Is he neutered? If he does mark or pee in the house then you must be sure to clean it with something like biological washing powder, products containing ammonia will not remove the smell and he'll mark there again.

What time is he fed in the evening. I wouldn't be feeding him any later than 5. If you haven't done any formal houstraining with him then perhaps give it a shot for a couple of weeks, just to reinforce the idea. I can understand the accident in your friends house, even properly housetrained dogs will have accidents in strange places, even more so if he's blind and doesn't know where he is.

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He is not neutered. yes we make sure we clean it with products to remove the smell but you have to watch him. If he smells something new such as parcel or something on floor he will mark it. He pee's a lot more than other dogs - even when out walking if he got away with it he would be marking every few yards. I think it is to complnsate with his blindnes.

Unfortunately we cannot feed him at 5pm as we are not home until 6.30 in evening. This is the time we have been feeding him for last 2 years since we got him. I think that maybe it is a learning thing as he never slept in house before. Will get him checked out anyhow. Thanks for all the advice

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When Stevie stayed with me I noticed he liked to mark everything including his bed,maybe neautering would solve it?

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