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Morning Girls, just wanted to let ye know there's a 3D baby scan on Groupon today. One of the girls I work it has been to this clinic and reckons its really good. I've been looking into this for the last couple of weeks so it seems like fate it ended up in my inbox this morning

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Mink Registered User

Think it's only in Galway, but probably well worth it if within a few counties radius.

Watch for small print on groupon thingys as sometimes they have it where you can only claim the deal during awkward hours - like normal working hours, or it expires within 2 or 3 months and you may not be pregnant enough for it to be worth it.

netty_K Registered User

Thanks for the advice Mink, checked it out an am happy enough with terms so went ahead and bought it! Soooooo excited, can't wait so see my lil one

It's actually based in Mayo, not Galway but don't mind travelling as the price is so good.

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