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Fished Mahon lakes today, outside Adamstown in Wexford. I'm an out and out river angler but do like odd trip to stocked rainbow places during the off season.

I fished Mahon a few years ago and thought I would never go back - lots of messers, corn going into the fly only lakes ,lots of rubbish around, etc. I heard things had improved and was in the area so gave it a bash. Glad a did! The place was spotless and the fishing was great - up there with Rathcon imho.

There are 3 lakes - a brown trout fly only lake, rainbow fly only and rainbow anything goes lake. The fly waters are catch and release. Started out fishing lures on the rainbow fly lake and picked up 3 fish in first hour. The sun was splitting the trees so I was happpy enough with that. There was guy in a far corner who was catching fish after fish. At least 15 during my first hour. I had go over over to see what the craic was - "bright buzzers under an indicator" was the method. I'd never fished this way before but I got loads of advice and an offer to squeeze into the same spot. Had a fish in less than 1 minute, then another, then another. Caught around 12 using buzzers - all fish in the 3-6 lbs bracket and in great condition. Was pushed for time so had to head back but decided to give the browny lake a qucik shot - caught 1 on a zonker on the 3rd cast. Lads there were not impressed! He was around 2 lb and didn't fight nearly as good as the rainbows but looked lovely.

All in all a very good session and I'll definitely go back again, catching the brownie has me really thinking about Thursday week (1st March!).

I've no connection to this place other than this report! Cost me €20 and for the fishing and the buzzer lesson it was more than worth it!

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Thanks for report..

"bright buzzers under an indicator" not my cup of tea but everyone to their own...

Roll on the 17th for the brownies..

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I know this is an old thread but anyways, Have you been there lately? What is like, Stocked well,any tips, fly to use etc


The Pontiac Registered User

I also like to know, planning on making a trip sometime soon..

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