• Sunday 1st April (4.17%)
  • Saturday 7th April (8.33%)
  • Saturday 14th April (8.33%)
  • Sunday 15th April (8.33%)
  • Saturday 21st April (16.67%)
  • Sunday 22nd April (12.5%)
  • Saturday 28th April (20.83%)
  • Sunday 29th April (20.83%)
caprilicious Registered User

I'll have to bow out folks. All of the dates are too close to my due date for such a long drive.
I'm struggling with the half hour drive to work in the morning so definitely wouldn't manage the 2 hour drive up.
Pity as I would have loved to catch up with everyone again, hopefully later in the year though myself, the little lady & our new addition will be able to join you all.

Have fun


28th and 29th would suit both myself and purple.

rosknight Registered User

half price family tickets when u top up by €20 at An Post

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Ooh...if its the 28th we just might sneak in! It's the boy's birthday and a trip to the zoo might be good, depending on times.

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Orion said:
I love it when a plan comes together

That's my line!

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January Category Moderator

Wohoo, all excited, haven't seen everybody in ages... think this is one of the occasions when the double buggy will have to be used though...

If any pregnant ladies are coming along and want me to bring my Mei Tai to see if they would use one then let me know.

cbyrd Registered User

rosknight said:
half price family tickets when u top up by €20 at An Post

Just looked this up and you top up any network til the 31st of March and the vouchers can be redeemed til the 30th of April



is the 28th a defo then?

cbyrd Registered User

Hope so, got my voucher in the post office last tuesday. . can't wait to go.. and i'll have my new car so it'll be the first time since baby 4 was born that we'll all be in the car at the same time

January Category Moderator

I'm still in too

Moonbeam Moderator

I can't go on the 28th or 29th but I will suggest to himself to bring the kids.

Orion My karma just ran over your dogma

He'd better be there

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How Strange Registered User

Hopefully we'll be there too.

lynski Registered User

might make it.

bulmersgal Registered User

Can't commit but will try

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