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way i see it is that you could pick up a pre-facelift mabey with small front end damage for handy money sell what ever parts you can, buy the facelift parts and end up with a far better looking car for half the price.

what you think

colm_mcm Registered User

The facelift looks even worse than the original though.

carina 2 Registered User

na facelift is far nicer i think

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colm_mcm Registered User

Oh right. Work away so

CianRyan Registered User

colm_mcm said:
I don't get how it makes it interesting. Looks like a vvti, hasn't a vvti engine and has an older reg. how is that interesting?

I meant the process rather than the over all product, however I have no problem with people making purely aesthetic mod's to their cars as long as it's not along the lines of a MASSIVE body kit.

FearDark Banned

Hi OP, not sure if this is what you're looking for but here is a 1995 Corolla with that newer front on it, I'm not actually sure what it really is to be honest but I'd be inerested in what other people have to say about it.

colm_mcm Registered User

Looks like a jdm model to start with

4wd Registered User

never let anyone tell ya ya cant or shouldnt do sumtin
if u have the vision follow it

i have a nice set of merc clk200 front and rear lamps
they were for a corrolla before i sold it

this is the current front end transplant

my only advise is measure twice cut once

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