Over the last few months I've notices that a lot of my hair is falling out. I can run my hands through my hair and guaranteed to get at least 4 strands of hair in each hand. I never could do this before so it struck me as very strange.
When I'm in the shower washing my hair, absolutely loads of hair is left on my hands. I know you lose around 100 hairs a day but I could easily count that up just by washing my hair!
My hair line is receding too so I'm quite distressed over this.
My genes shouldn't allow this to happen to me because baldness is not on either side. I'm starting to think this could be hormonal because all of a sudden im growing chest hair very rapidly and getting hairier. again none of my uncles, cousins or my dad and grand dad are hairy on either side!
WTF could be going on? I've told my mom (who is a nurse) and my dad and both honestly couldnt give a ****.
I'm really starting to stress over this which is only making things worse!

qrrgprgua Registered User

17 is quiet young. You really need to go to a Doctor ASAP. Sad your parents don't care but unless you get medical help any advice here is just an opinion. Don't be afraid to get help.

Hyperbullet Registered User

Have a chat with your GP as soon as you can.

The_Kew_Tour Registered User

Hopefully it's nothing mate, but you need to go to Doctor asap.


op, you need to speak to your doctor. thread closed

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