Yea... but you would!

Eric Cartman Registered User

thebaz said:
but you forgot about Dre

I see what you did there

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Can't believe no-one posted this yet...

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Logical Fallacy Registered User

Seachmall said:
The only reason Americans, and English to some extent, have dominated rap is because they've been doing it much longer and they've much larger populations.

For some reason the general Irish populace is far quicker to instantly mock something Irish than dig a little deeper and support it. The population at large loves a winner, but you need to start winning for them to love you. See every sports trend in this country ever, especially the sudden upsurge in people who loved cricket a while back.

It's the same musically, unless it has a guitar in it and is vaguely like U2 Irish people have no time for it.

Melodica Deathship ftw.

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Burky126 Registered User

In a nutshell


Dean09 said:
99.999% of it is pure cringeworthy shíte

Too generous with you assessment.

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D.Q Registered User

Only cringy when they try and disguise their accent. This is a quality tune.

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Peetrik Registered User

The rubber bandits started out very hip-hop before becoming more mainstream (A marketing decision I'm sure but we all have to make a living).

As was said, it's a new genre in Ireland, give them a few years to develop. Groups like 'The Streets' made excellent rap music (if you can avoid being a pedant about sub-genres) that was relevant to English culture.
I'm very excited to see what Ireland can produce once the culture begins to develop its own identity a little further away from its American counterpart.

d-gal Registered User

Irish rap has improved immensely over the last couple of years

(Invalid youtube)

Really like this guy's music

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We should stick to the Irish dancing and sean nos singing.

Aglomerado Registered User

buck65 said:
On the Republic of Telly the other night there was a gang from Carlow rapping, it was very funny and good.
Messiah J are decent and I'm sure there is some decent stuff around too.

Messiah J are brilliant, I wandered into their set at Indiependence a couple of years ago, it's not normally the kind of stuff that I'd listen to, but I was blown away! I'd love to see them again.


Did anyone else misread the thread title as "Irelands rashers" and get hungry?


Let them have at it and best of luck to them.

Like everything, there'll be a few jokers amongst the people who are serious about their music and sadly they'll represent the entire population of Irish rappers in people's (blinkered) view.

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Crann na Beatha Neart agus OnĂ³ir

Only a matter of time before we have an internationally recognised commercially successful hiphop artist from Ireland

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d-gal said:
Irish rap has improved immensely over the last couple of years

Really like this guy's music

I don't think he's fly enough!

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