K.O.Kiki Registered User

I actually would like to speak to Gabe Newell... AFTER he releases Half-Life 3!

Also, all of Team Ico.

gizmo Registered User

SirLemonhead said:
ah sure feck it, props to Romero too. Doom and Doom 2 are fantastic games. He had some brilliant ideas back in the day. He's a pretty sound bloke too

Careful, he might try and make you his bitch.

Burning Eclipse Registered User

Schafer. That is all

Honestly, it would be really easy to write a really long list here, but if I had to pick one, Tim Schafer is the guy.

Sakaguchi would be 2

RobbingBandit Registered User

The guys at Ghostlight for releasing so many RPGs that would never have seen the light of day over here.

Professey Chin Registered User

Ken Kutaragi
All hail the playstation!!

Krusader Registered User

Bobby Kotick



Julian Gollop, that is all.

goalscoringhero Registered User

Dino Dini.

Star Lord Registered User

Another addition to my list that I almost forgot, The Bitmap Brothers
(I know it's a company as opposed to a person/people, but they made a few great games back in the day. Used to love GODS.

sarumite Registered User

Sid Meier probably. Civ and alpha centuri were probably two games that sucked up more of my life than any other.

corcaigh07 Registered User

yu suzuki, even if it was just to thank him for the amazing masterpieces that were Shenmue 1 and 2. There will never be a game I want more than Shenmue 3.

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