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Sadly for my eyes, i recall seeing that story a few years ago as well, seems they just dug it up..Much like the cat...

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Some thread title to wake up to on a Saturday morning


Acacia said:
Some thread title to wake up to on a Saturday morning

Morning was hours ago!

****ing waster students...

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The only positive i see about being this fat is that you dont have to wear pants to hide your fandangly bits


If he is under 30 stone he should just be thankful that it was the kitten and not him ... I'm 11.5 stone if I stood near her I would probably start orbiting her

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She is so fat she has smaller fat women orbiting her


Here's a question right, and keep in mind I am a queer ok but obviously there would be some "natural" odours in the area yes? And given her size just changing the channel (I'm guessing there is a great deal of this involved in her life) would probably make her sweat like I do on a 5k run so with all of that in mind would her crack not be like a river of sweat and therefore would said boyfriend not have required an industrial pump to get some of the fluid out of there before going in? Or did he just wear a snorkel?

Also how does a beached whale get laid the last time I had jiggy jigs there was snow on the ground!

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Thread of the Day delivers! \o/


Vomit all over desk, curry n chips

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Thanks OP!

[gouges eyes]

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