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Anyone used this service? How long does it take form Blanchardstown SC to the airport?
Are there any other bus links from Dublin 15 to the airport?
Taxi service seems to be very expensive from the airport to Blanch, it cost me €40!

Morag Registered User

It's about 30/40 mins depending on traffic, and there are no other direct buses to the airport.

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another option would be train to drumcondra and 16a or 41 from outside the station

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Ur bus is fine, used to be awful though if you missed one and the next was an hour away. Now they have a handy google maps widget that shows their routes. It's on their website.


URbus stopped running on weekends last autumn. I know a few people who got caught out by that. I just use one of the discount on meter taxi companies like 8202020 - my OH got them to the airport this week at 11am and the fare was €15

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Thanks all, the taxi fare to the airpot is around 20 which is not bad. The expensive one is from the airpot ,over €35 each time . I didnt know that u actually can ask the same taxi driver to pick u up from the airport as there are the airoport taxi guys doing this runs.


There is a car park section for pre-booked taxis at the airport so you can have one meet you there but in theory would have to pay the meter rate if the taxi has to wait. Some taxi companies used to have a car go to departures to pick people up thus by-passing the official taxi rank but the airport police have been clamping down on that in recent weeks.

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Hi. Does anybody know if the URBUS still operates via st margarets road? I'm not too sure if they're still in operation? I've emailed them but haven't gotten any reply.

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Timetable is here.

It's not clear from that if the bus still serves IKEA.

spooky donkey Moderator

ive used it a few times and found it fine.
ONly issue for me is buses stop running early enough in the day.
I think it only takes about 30 mins. Never seen it go to IKEA.
Last time I used it was back in Octover though.

Gaspode Woof!

It no longer serves IKEA.

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