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Sorry new to posting on here so apologies if this is in the wrong place. Please feel free to move.

I am looking to photograph a number of people who are employed in jobs where they wear uniforms, to be photographed in two ways, firstly in their uniform, with name badge if possible and then in a "passport" style photo wearing a plain round neck grey t-shirt .

I am looking to photograph people from all parts of the world who work in Dublin. Nurses, shop workers,cleaners, factory workers etc. (of course only if you can wear your uniform outside of work as I understand due to health and safety policies this may not allow you to)

The shoot will be next week on Thursday23rd / Friday 24th Feb in my college in Crumlin.

Please contact me if you would be available to be photographed. You will be required to sign a model release form as the photos I take maybe used in my end of year college graduate exhibition.

Thank you.

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This thread will be locked. You need to request permission from a mod first, their names are listed at the bottom of the forum.

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okay will do, contacted mod

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Photogirl has contacted me and I am happy to allow this thread.


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Thank you dudara.

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If you are not available next week but you would still like to partake in my assignment then please contact me. I am happy to work around your times as I understand people have to work.

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Make sure you get permission from the unform's owner;

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that case was a defamation action because of what was happening in the advert - but in most cases company logo's are protected by copyright and in some cases the uniforms permission will also be required.

of course if this is a project for college I'm sure most companies will facilitate, but if this is for an exhibition or project which may get public exposure you may find companies unwilling to help.

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It is simply a case of showing people in a natural pose like in a passport in their uniforms and then in a plain t-shirt, showing we are all human, nothing can be read into it.

I will not be making any company/ business out to be anything, other than showing the person in the photographs as an employee. I will of course ask the persons manager for permission as employee person represents their establishment.

It is personal to me as my mother was a nurse and everyone kept saying it was a vocation, were she kept saying no it is a job. She had a family to care for and wasn't just a nurse. If need be I will only show a name badge and no company name.

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