I'd better not say.


My finger smells like kfallon.


my indeks finner and thumb smeels like heroine

Princess Peach Registered User

Mine smells like a shellakabooky. I poked his eyes.


Princess Peach said:
Mine smells like a shellakabooky. I poked his eyes.

HOLY GOD, WHAT YOU ARE DESCRIBING sounds like a schmurkalahurk, get plenty of rest

Oranage2 Registered User

Mine smell of sweet mahogany with a tint of lightly smoked fire wood.

Actually thats my lamp, you dont really want to smell my finger.

working fool Registered User

Squirrel poop


it smells like post traumatic stress


...... Sheep?




Star Lord Registered User

Mine smells like the inside of a cream cracker. If you've never delved inside a cream cracker, you have my pity. And my bow. And my axe. And I want them all back.

mackeire Registered User



Why the fook do you want to know you fookin perv....actually it smells faintly of my girl friends fanny...

Was sniffin a "pair" of her stale pants.

Well! You fcukin arsked 1


I believe you.

Today my finger smells of pie. Because I was eating pie.


Today mine smells of a monday,i hate that finger

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