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jaxdasher said:
Anyone have a reliable site to watch the series on? I don't think i have the patience to wait for the torrent to go up.

I was just to post a link until I remembered it's against the rules!

Frisbee Registered User

It's almost time....


Going back to watch Series One again over today

I suffered from character overload last time, it was all new to me

Will be all set for Monday

Professional Griefer Registered User

Less than 24 hours. Reckon I'll re-watch the first season tomorrow.


(Invalid youtube)

Can't wait!

Pepe LeFrits Registered User

Heading over to my friend's place today for a season 1 nerdathon. Woo.


Ha, seeing so much again that I'd forgotton

And why do I care more about animals then people?

Butcher boy run down and killed? Who cares
People getting slaughtered, meh

Direwolf killed by Ned, noooooooo.


Think I might watch season 1 of GoT today to catch up for tomorrow.

Loved the show


I still haven't watched the scene with Ned killing Lady! Just can't bring myself to do it!

jaxdasher Registered User

Season 2 is coming...

yes I know that was weak but hopefully this one will redeem me. To all hound fans.

Delboy5 Registered User

What time is the new series being broadcast at, GMT ?

stevenmu Moderator

podgemonster said:
I really cant wait to hear to opening music again, epic!

This is one of the best covers of it that I've heard.

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