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Sure they're the same with the sterling exchange rate. Think it was when the Ico/SotC collection came out. It was £20 and €30. Think they use the same calculator as

Still, €20 is pretty good for the season pass, I think.

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CastorTroy said:
Think they use the same calculator as

HAHA exactly

Ya, it's still a great price, 20 euro for an approximate 10 hour game. Gonna be crap waiting for an episode every month. I spose it gives me a chance to catch up to the comics.

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Still no sign of this on xbox marketplace...

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Can anyone confirm if it is up on PSN yet?

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sheehy83 said:
Can anyone confirm if it is up on PSN yet?

It is on PSN.
Downloaded, installed but can't find it.

Download the trial...

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Yupp, I Am Alive caught me with that as well, knew better this time . Installed, now to get stuck in! The theme is class btw

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I haven't read this(yet), The Walking Dead: Choice Matters:

Hey everyone! Hoping you’re all enjoying the zombified fruits of our labor now that the first episode of The Walking Dead arrived just yesterday on PlayStation Network. We’re insanely busy already getting the next episode ready for all of you, but I wanted to pass along this sneak peek at a video that will help explain why all of the choices you make in the first episode will matter from episode to episode, and also all season long.

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Want. Now.

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Gametrailers posted a psn code for the game on twitter 30 minutes ago. Id say its well gone now tho.

Really liking the game, about half way through and actually care about the characters and what happens them. Very nerve wrecking trying to decide what to say with the timer and the zombie attacks have great suspense.

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Just finished it there. Really enjoyed that.
This could be the best €20 I've spent in a while.

Some cool decisions to be made that will affect the later episodes which is unfortunate in a way, I'll try to explain, (may not make sense, but here goes) -
The save I have now should be my save I use for future episodes, carrying over the decisions I made during episode 1(good/bad/whatever). Which is what I want, but I now want to play through again and make different decisions, which I think will overwrite my original playthrough save and will therefore have a different affect.
Copying is prohibited, so can't copy to a USB and the put it back after extra playthroughs.

EDIT: Has been pointed out that there are three saves - all is good so.

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I thought I read in a review today that there were 3 save slots?

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Mr E said:
I thought I read in a review today that there were 3 save slots?

You're right - there are three saves.

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Finished up last night in the Pharmacy, guess I'm near the end of it. Some brilliant scenes and the story just keeps hitting you with an emotional shovel right in the face! Don't know how it will end but will def replay it. Only bad thing about this is I have to wait a month to play the next one!

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