Is it just me, or do people think the moderators on this site are pedantic, petty and completely autocratic? It's fine for them to stick infactions in bold letters across a forum but you're not allowed to question their decisions in public and doing so via PM is a total waste of time. I suspect too, that the DR process is also a waste of time.

Only a brainless idiot would put up with the moderators on this site - have never seen the likes of it - not since I was in primary school at any rate. Not much point in being on a forum where freedom of speech is clearly restricted in an almost militaristic style.

They are welcome to it - better things to do with my time. It's a load of s*ite.

Tom Dunne Comfortably numb

Closing as user has been sitebanned for other reasons.

You can restart another thread in the DRP forum when your siteban is up.

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