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Not sure if I should ask in previous thread but there is option to choose linux or windows hosting at Digiweb hosting sale website - which one you recommend? I do most of my jobs on Microsoft, but have some bad experience trying to work out xampp/apache on Windows machine. Does Linux fits better to most basic web options?

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linux a thousand million trillion times over.

Windows hosting is, for lack of better works... wan|<.

9/10 of my clients come to me with a windows hosting package, and I too started off using windows hosting packages, until i had no choice but to use linux. I've never looked back.

If a client these days has a windows server I polity hint at changing over and most of the time they are more than happy to.

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Excuse the ignorance but...what's the difference?

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performance, stability, security the list goes on. Google is your friend!

I find when I work with windows I have to do a lot round about methods to get what I want working. Purely on the config side of things.

The only reason someone would pick windows is if they wanted to run ASP. Even at that tho, Apache can run asp.

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Unless you want IIS and ASP.NET, go with Linux. It's better supported


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It comes down to what language you are developing in. If you are doing more .NET stuff with a SQL backend then IIS is your best choice. You can get that stuff to run on Linux, but it's by no means simple and you will have to modify the hell out of your code in many cases and any pre-compiled packages might not work, especially ones that use custom DLLs.

If you are going the PHP route then you might be better off with Linux. That being said I host a few PHP sites on IIS 7 with no issues. In fact, I have Windows hosting on a cloud based system and the PHP sites are high volume sites that run brilliantly.

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