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Hi there.

Back on the 24th of December my iPhone was stolen. I had bought the phone only about a month previously with Meteor, who sold me Phonesafe insurance with CPP at the time.

After seeing that the phone was missing I followed all the steps that the insurance provider requires to make a claim (reporting to the guards, blacklisting the handset etc.), and did so within the time limits they set out.

After about a week CPP got back to me and said that their system showed that on the 5th of January the handset had been un-blacklisted by Meteor, and asked why this was. I hadn't requested this from Meteor so I got back in contact with their customer care team who told me that the blacklisting had never been removed. CPP then said that they would need proof from Meteor that this was the case.

Now, I have been back and forth between the two companies for weeks, and there has been no progress on the issue. Meteor tell me that they have emailed this proof to CPP at least 3 times, on the 13th and 21st of Jan, and again last week. CPP claim to have no record of these emails. I've now asked Meteor to cc any further correspondances to my own email, but have received nothing since Monday, when they said they would send another email. I'm at a loss as to where to go from here because I have no idea how to make any progress with either side, and have now been having the same back and forth for over a month. I'm also still paying monthly for a service that I'm no longer receiving.

Any advice as to where to go from here would be much appreciated as it's driving me insane at the moment.


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OP, sorry to hear about your phone.

In this case, I would contact, by post both your insurance company and Meteor. The letter should be titled as "formal Complaint".

I would outline what has happened since you lost the phone, regarding the toing and froing between both companies. Give the companies 10 days to work it out, or you will make a formal complaint to both the Financial Services Ombudsman (covers insurance companies) and the Communication Regulator (covers mobile phone companies).

You'll find that this type of letter normally does the trick. If it doesn't, make the complaints to the relevant bodies.

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