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Denalihighway, we have a simple rule here on boards.ie - attack the post, not the poster. Resorting to petty insults just reflects badly on you. The next time you do it, you'll be taking a break from this forum

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yes, my bad.

one gets excited sometimes.

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I'm literally after getting off the phone with Thomann, could not be more pleased with their customer service.

An amp I bought was faulty, and it took me all of 2 seconds to get through to a rep, and 2 minutes later they sent me detailed instructions and a prepaid shipping label to ship it back.

Xmusic on the other hand, they left me waiting over a week to get back to me on replacing a product that I paid for, even though it was faulty from the word go.

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I have been biding my time in answering this thread.

I have had an awful experience with Thomonn. I placed a significant order with them for a guitar, amp & accessories. I also paid €50 for a courier delivery.

5 minutes after placing the order, I realised a mistake with the address, so I filled out their change address form on their site, which didn't work.

I then emailed them twice to change the address - to which I received no response. This all happened prior to Monday morning work hours.

On Monday evening I received an email to say the packages had been sent to the wrong address. I then phoned them to sort out the matter.

They said they would recall the packages and resend to the correct address. I asked for confirmation of this by email - which was not sent. I emailed them twice to confirm the action - no response.

I then got an email from them to say they had resent the packages - but again had listed the wrong address...

After two weeks the parcels have arrived. One of them was sent to the wrong country. The parcels were not sent by courier, but by post.

Due to this (a matter I explained fully to Thomann prior to delivery) I have now incurred extra customs charges, which would have been avoided if the parcels were actually sent by courier as paid for.

I will go home this evening and plug everything in, but the experience has left me reeling. Their communication is appalling and their customer service is appalling once you have paid them the money.

Thomann are an absolutely terrible company to deal with.

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