I'm having a problem with a meteor mobile broadband bill.

My first bill was massive: according to Meteor I went 13 Gigabytes over my 10gB allowance. I dispute this.

Last month I only have appeared to use 4gB of my allowance, although I reckon that I haven't spent significantly less time on line.

Basically their looking for €300+ for this apparent over usage.

I haven't an idea what a gigabyte equates to in terms of usage, so could anybody tell my as way of comparison what a single gigabyte would get you in minutes of streaming on youtube.

Thanks TKE.

downwithpeace Registered User

It would depend on the quality of the stream, SD quality would be the lowest with HD quality a lot higher. Keep in mind other things will use your data as well, downloads, torrents (They can upload too) and apps updating.

I tested a 1:11 clip of a video game and it came to just under 9MB, SD quality of sorts.
1024MB = 1GB

You should be able to check your usage on the Meteor site or your modem dashboard.

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