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Anyone seen anything on The Last Story for Wii yet, Gamestop will be stocking the standard version for €39.99, have a cool Limited Edition Steel box one with a soundtrack. Looks like a good RPG.

Welease Registered User

Can't wait for this to be released

Jap version looked amazing..

Sephiroth_dude One Winged Angel

ordered the limited edition from amazon works out at 55,but might cancel if I get it cheaper

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ussjtrunks Registered User

Apperently Game isn't stocking the limited edition even though I preordered it yesterday in Game with 3 posters plastered around the store lol, >.< I think its off to Amazon (Also I dont know why I use Game at all anymore its the 5th preorder they couldn't get stock of they are bloody useless)

Retr0gamer Category Moderator

My amazon order hasn't shipped yet.

Sephiroth_dude One Winged Angel

Retr0gamer said:
My amazon order hasn't shipped yet.

Nor has My,are you getting the Limited edition?

Retr0gamer Category Moderator

Getting two limited editions! One for me and one for my american friend

Kiith Moderator

Will this be tough to get in town on Friday? Just remembering Xenoblade Chronicles was a nightmare to get, and i don't want a repeat of that.

seraphimvc Registered User

you know, sometimes i really think that i am not a FF fan at all - i am but the big fan of the epic rpg feeling from sakaguchi plus the emotional soundtrack from nobuo. cannot wait to play this but wii is not with me

eu version trailer:

Retr0gamer Category Moderator

Just buy one. Despite the common consensus the Wii's library is full of amazing games.


I just got the Limited Edition for €45 in HMV on Henry Street, Dublin. That's the same price as they were charging for the regular version and they had at least one other Limited copy left that I could see

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Welease Registered User

Hot favourite for the 2012 most annoying voiceover's game ...

Sephiroth_dude One Winged Angel

MY Arrived yesterday

Welease Registered User

So what are people's opinions?

I've played about 5 hours, and am up to chapter 16 (toons are level 20) or so..

I like it, but it's overly simple and far too linear for me you really don't get the opportunity to explore (not that I am normally that arsed .. but it must be very linear if I am complaining).. The end bosses should be a lot harder, and its kinda disappointing that they tell you how to beat each and every boss at the begining of the battle..

Not bad.. but not a patch on Xenoblade..

ussjtrunks Registered User

I've played about 15hrs now and as I expexted Xenoblade is miles better but the combat in Last story is very fun and keeps making me come back.

Just wish it were on ps3/xbox tbh the framerate can hit <5fps at times and the grapics are sometimes very good but mostly poor lol (there is this one guy's hat Horace, its supposed to have a logo but the texture is just a blurry mess )

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