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The swap option is gone from the homepage of adverts, is it gone?

Steve Life is hard, deal with it.

It's still there - when you start a search or select a category there's a checkbox on the left if you scroll down a bit.

Lazarus2.0 Adverts.ie Moderator

The category is still alive and well - although the link on homepage appears to have been .. umm .. swapped out

If you click on Browse Categories you can check a box on left hand side to only show Swap ads

Edit : What Steve said

foggy_lad Banned

It's great they have been separated out of the main listing because many people were abusing the spirit of the swop adverts to post duplicates of their for sale adverts as swop ads. Now at least if people are interested in swapping stuff they can find all the swop adverts together and separated into categories. The same with the wanted adverts, a great improvement IMO.

voodoo irl Registered User

i dont like it at all how do i select general swap section without searching for a specific item

voodoo irl Registered User

oh i see a little hard for people that are new to adverts.to find that section.dont think it was a wise move tbh

January Category Moderator

Thanking you

stevejb Registered User

dont lke this change at all , for new users especially it would seem there is no swap section

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