marknine said:
Hi Guys, I bought the Blackberry Playbook €219 on Friday, and I have to say “ITS FANTASTIC”
Everything about it is brilliant. The screen is 100% better than my old Archos 101, as is the sound quality, graphics and I as for the build quality; it’s unbelievable for the price. I’m not saying that the Archos is bad; it’s just not in the same league as the Blackberry Playbook. Now I just have to find out how to load my films and music on to the playbook. It would be brilliant if I can get Netflix on the playbook. Anyone out there know if you can watch Netflix on the Blackberry Playbook?

Where did you buy it?

marknine Registered User

du Maurier said:
Where did you buy it?

I bought it in Currys, LiffeyVally. I was going to buy it in PC World, but when I went in there, I felt the staff just ignored me (Had this in PC World LiffeyVally before) So I popped next door and they looked after me straight away.

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