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Hey guys, can you recommend a good laptop that has a DVD drive that's under 14 inch? Preferably looking for one 12 to 13".

I know 11.6" ones don't come with a DVD drive and I'm looking for the smallest, cheapest one possible, while still being decent build wise.

The laptop would only be used for college work and taking around with me (so lightness and a small screen size would be preferable)

Price wise I'm looking to spend below £400/€480. Thanks

Budget: below £400/€480

Intended use: College work, web browsing, watching movies

Mobility: This is a key factor

Warranty: Not important

What Operating System: Windows 7

Other requirements: Just a DVD drive really

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parc said:

I know 11.6" ones don't come with a DVD drive and I'm looking for the smallest, cheapest one possible, while still being decent build wise.

Unless you're watching DVD movies every other day or demand frequent, repetitive access to optical media, there is no point in an internal DVD drive as a requirement. Externals are relatively cheap and simple to use. In practice I wager the average user actually only uses a disc on the range of 2-3 times a month.

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One of these €24ish


This €394ish
This €455
or this €496 (Only 2GB RAM though)

I'd get this. Cuz of spec and 13.3" screen it's pushing it over budget but it has up to date CPU, lots of RAM, DVD. Modern machine that will still be up for most things in 4-5 years.

Their's these aswell but they're abit weak. Amazon have them but they're near all sold out so I linked here instead. Basic stuff only.

Their's usually a few around with the Intel B950 for a good price but I can't find one at the min.

Unless someone sees a better one...

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haha true

On my old laptop I haven't used the DVD drive for over a year, no exaggeration

So why am I asking about DVD drives?

well, I got a HP Pavilion dm1-4125ea 11.6" for £300 (living in UK atm but that's €358). It's back up to £350 now btw.

Anyway, my girlfriend gave me a CD and I went to put it in suddenly remembering that 11.6"s don't have DVD or CD drives

So I was going to send it back, but if it's just for college work is there much point? The spec is below, what you think?

Featuring Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium (32-bit)
An AMD Dual-Core E-450 processor
4GB memory for top system performance
320 GB Hard Drive for storing all your digital files
29.4 cm (11.6") High-Definition LED HP BrightView Display
AMD Radeon HD 6320M graphics
Finished in Charcoal Grey
1 year, pick-up and return, warranty. Optional upgrade to 3 years accidental damage cover for peace of mind
Featuring Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Integrated Webcam & Microphone

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spending a little more would get you a faster processor but at the price point its one of the best bangs for buck. It will match an i3 or exceed it in graphical performance (which is to say low end laptops wont have a lot of that anyway, but this will have some. Which is to say it wont keel over if you want to watch HD video or do light chores that require 3D rendering)

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