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Hey, I've googled quite abit and can't find any clear information on obtaining ECTS credits here in Ireland.

Does anybody know at which point we start earning thes credits (leaving cert, FETAC Level 5/6, etc) and how many credits we receive for each qualification?


mallachyrivers Registered User

Start at level 7 and earn them as you conyinue your studies

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ECTS Credits apply to higher education only. So you should be able to get information from any of the colleges / institutions offering courses leading to Higher Certificates at Level 6 on the National Framework of Qualifications, Ordinary Bachelor Degree at Level 7, Honours Bachelor at Level 8 and so on....

In general, one full time academic year is usually worth 60 ECTS credits but this can vary depending on the structure of the course.

I hope this helps.

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