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I guess this thread is my job

Eirtakon is now in its 8th year and is bigger and better than ever. Eirtakon 2012 will once more take place in the Helix, which is one of the finest venues in the country and only 10 minutes from the centre of Dublin. The committee secured the use of the entire building in 2011 and will do so again in 2012, ensuring that Eirtakon will be bigger and better again!

Eirtakon 2012 will take place during the second weekend of November 9th - 11th. The committee is working their hardest to make sure that Eirtakon keeps on growing and that 2012 will have more events, more exclusive anime screenings, more special guests and an amazing experience overall at Ireland’s finest anime event.

Any new info that comes up, I'll make Konata edit them into the OP

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Well guys, it's nearly time for Eirtakon 2012! Wooooo!

In case any of you haven't seen our Facebook page or website, we've released our timetable which is JAMMED with events! You can find details of all the events on the website.

Pre reg is now closed but you can buy tickets on the door easily either for the weekend or just a single day. So yea, check out all the events and if ye have any questions feel free to post them here

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Was out there today, the mix of panels was great and so was the different gaming happening and the maid cafe. Wonderful to see so many cosplayers.

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