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Shame on all of you people trying to save the "Classic Car Scene " !!!!!!!!!!

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thewintermute said:
I'm glad our courts don't operate to the same standards as the Kangaroo Court on here.

I hope the days where folks have to defend themselves against random public accusations on the interweb are limited.

There's still nothing amounting to anything that even looks like evidence being put forward here, and yet a man has had to defend his reputation and his good name.


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Ah listen lads this isn't fair on the man, none of us know the real story here with that merc and maybe he doesn't know the truth about it either ,anyway it's his now he paid for it and probably only good for parts now anyhow cos she's a marked car now in the classic cars scene......so can we let the man get on with his life

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Gene Hunt said:
so can we let the man get on with his life

I don't feel we can expect plenty more worthy contributions to this thread. So closed it will be. If anyone feels I should re-open it, PM me with your reasoning.

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