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I posted on the following thread:


The post was deleted & a very general warning message put on the thread. I PM'd Convert to ask why the post was deleted & to confirm that I could provide evidence the back up the post even though the content was not contentious.

After receiving no reply I PM'd the C Mod Sparks & I have not received a reply from them either.

The Mod warning has effectively killed the thread as there is no explanation as to what was wrong with my post.

Could someone please explain why the post was deleted ? Surely it would be reasonable for the Mod to of explained this via PM ?

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Moderators are under no obligation to provide a separate PM to for every post they delete. It would appear that in this case, your post was deleted, and a general warning was issued so that it wouldn't appear you were being singled out - which would be unfair. If you PM a moderator, and they provide an answer on-thread, then that PM is considered answered by the mod by answering you, and any others who might have the same questions at the same time.

Bear in mind that your complaint is very low in severity and doesn't really have that much substance to it. A post was deleted and a general post was provided by a moderator on-thread. The moderator acted within the confines of his remit as a moderator. You might not like it, but I don't see any wrong doing here and I doubt that it's going to receive that much attention in the Help Desk because this happens several times every day.

Exactly what type of result were you hoping for in this case?

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It is not a matter of obligation but rather one of common courtesy especially as the on thread moderation has effectively prevented any further posts & closed the thread. As there was nothing contentious in my post it would appear that the reason for deletion was because the Mod disagreed with it's content & not for the reason stated. If the on thread moderation had answered the question I wouldn't be asking it here.

This doesn't happen every day. This is the first time that I have seen such an action. You may regard the matter as of a very low severity but if you had a serious interest in the topic & wanted to see a balanced discussion, you might view the matter differently. The welfare of Greyhounds is a valid part of any discussion on the industry. In this case the Moderator is ending such discussion & putting down a marker regarding any further discussion.

But also posting a general threat to ban/infract, without giving an explanation, prevents any one else from posting. If the Moderator thought that my post was potentially defamatory then any post could be open to such a claim & a poster could be banned for no reason.

All I am hoping for is a civilised explanation as to what aspect of my post was defamatory & a little courtesy from the Mod & CMod who both failed to reply to my PM's - had they of done so I wouldn't be posting here.

There is no point in setting out a dispute system & asking posters to PM a Mod or CMod if the recipients can simply refuse to reply.

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I'll reply to this in more detail tomorrow when I'm not posting via mobile, but I did not receive any PM from Discodog.

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My "sent" PM's show that I PM'd Convert on the 4.2.2012 at 19:23 & a second PM at 19:28. I also sent a PM to Sparks, as the C Mod on the 8.2.2012 at 11:29. None of these PM's were replied to.

However I did PM Dub13 as they were showing as the C Mod & I got a reply asking me to PM Sparks - so clearly some PM's were being received.

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It's been 10 weeks with no further replies, so this is being closed and archived.

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