• Definitely two rounds (35.48%)
  • Two rounds and we can look at a third after those are completed (58.06%)
  • Definitely three rounds (6.45%)

Hopefully, I'm not stepping on any toes here

Anyway, the mock draft last year was a great success and lots got involved

We have lots of time now since it's February but I remember it got very rushed at the end last year

Two rounds, sixty four picks. If people want to do three rounds that may work, whatever you think yourself

If you're interested, just stick your name on this thread

The list goes into www.random.org and you'll get your slots

Just reply

Link to last years Mock Draft

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HigginsJ Registered User

yea i'm in

UnitedIrishman Registered User

Yeah I'd be interested this year.

OAOB Registered User

Count me in

adrian522 Moderator

In, I think 2 rounds is enough, hope I don't draw the Raiders

BigBadRob83 Registered User

Yeah count me in

malistheman Moderator

I'm in Was busy with exams last year so couldnt really take part last year !

RGIII Registered User

I'm in

barbarians Registered User

I'm up for it too

Lionbacker Registered User

Count me in too

Chardee MacDennis Registered User

i'm in!

JohnnyRyan99 Registered User


Trippie Registered User

sign me up

landsleaving Registered User

Been rubbish for posting lately with college but count me in, was great fun last year and I need to make better picks.

Gabbert 4th... ugh. I'm ashamed of myself.

Xfire Elect Registered User

You can count me in

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