Molloys Clondalkin Registered User

Hi guys its been years since I bought a pole im wondering where people are buying them these days?
Pref in dublin I remember it was Obf I got my last one but there gone now.
Looking for 2 twenty foot galv. poles.
I see a lot of tv places only sell 1.5 inch aluminium ones that are 6 feet long.
Jesus I remember you could find one out every back garden 5 years ago where have they all gone


Have you tried a builders providers?

Also try a scaffolding provider.

watty Registered User

Steel poles are in about 20' lengths from Builder's Merchants in a range of diameters and wall thicknessess

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Molloys Clondalkin Registered User

Cheers guys
Got them sorted from Armstrong electronics
15' x 2" for 25 yoyos sounds quite good to me.

I was just miffed as most places that I got them are gone thanks to the recession. now for some quality antennas and a g5rv to go back up


I've recently started making Ham radio antennas out of stainless steel wire, similar to certain professional antennas for Mil, NGC, etc... use.

Very robust and most unlikely to break in high wind. Pretty hard to kink too.

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Molloys Clondalkin Registered User

I do similiar its suprising how much you can save if you buy the materials seperatly!

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PauloMN Moderator

Well the price of wire antennas from radio equipment retailers is shocking tbh. Always a bit of craic making HF antennas from bits and pieces. Haven't done much of it since I got my license though, I was always making antennas when I was a young lad on 11m.

Am planning on an inverted L for my HF use, decided it's the most suitable antenna for me in that I'm not wanting to cover the house in wires and it should give me reasonable performance from 80m down to 10m.

Do Armstrongs have a shop, or do you have to order stuff online/by phone?

watty Registered User

Tesco €6 washing line is fine.

To cover the whole HF, having two aerials is a better compromise. I use an almost vertical wire (almost 6m long) to a pole on the gable end for the higher bands and a 21m approx end fed wire for the lower bands.

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Tesco washing line rusts far too easily, hence stainless steel wire instead

Arrmstrong do have an outlet in the Bluebell Ind Est. Reasonable selection of brackets and poles. Can be expensive enough though.

Can be satisfying to make something up any not pay crazy prices

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Molloys Clondalkin Registered User

We dont have a homebrew section here do we?

Maybe its something we can create and put all our trial and error things into it.

Btw John Ill pop over saturday with that Aor


No worries Andy.

Just give a bell first in case I'm dragged out into town

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