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I'm currently 11 weeks pregnant.

If i go for a scan, can i get a copy or print out of the scan?

Thanks for any help.


You can indeed. I had a scan at 7 weeks and got a print out. If the doctor is decent they will also put little markers on the screen so when you get the print out you will be able to tell what's what. Congrats

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I wish it was a happy reason to be asking for a print out, but the father of the baby does not believe i'm pregnant.

We had a affair and i found out i was pregnant, a termination was the first option because he didn't want it to be known.

He now can't accept that i am happy to go it alone and keep the baby.

He's causing me alot of stress at the moment.


Sorry to hear that. Stress is definately not what you need right now. I hope it all works out for you

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Neyite Giraffe

its likely that you would need to go for a private scan, as some maternity hospitals are cutting back on the number of scans. My first scan was scheduled for 19 weeks and I was told that was early due to an existing condition that I had.

The good news is that though its about 100 -150 euro, its not as rushed as the public hospital scan would be. We had private scans at 7+5, and 9+5 and we got lots of time with the sonographer pointing out and explained the images on screen, and lots and lots of pictures. It should also date your pregnancy quite accuratly - mine was spot on to the day.

With our public scans it was a few blurry pics and quite rushed as they are understandably busy and the point of the scan is information for the medical staff, not for our viewing entertainment.

Good luck on your pregnancy. Hopefully the scan should resolve a few issues with your ex.

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chirogirl Registered User

Congrats on your pregnancy!

I went it alone with my pregnancy and now have a 6 month old daughter. Its tough going at times, but I wouldn't have it any other way as she's the world to me.

Hopefully, he'll come around and support you.

Good Luck with it all.

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Janet1986 Registered User

Thanks guys,

I think it's more shock than anything to him.

chirogirl Registered User

He's a Man! Lol
My babies Dad found out 14 months ago and he's still in shock. Lol

Janet1986 Registered User

Well i met up with him tonight and showed him the scan and done a pregnancy test.

He has accepted it.

January Category Moderator

I take it by the sad face he still wants nothing to do with you/the baby? Just be aware that he still has a legal right to financially provide for the child, even if he doesn't want to see him/her.

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lifeandtimes Registered User

Just had our scan yesterday,it was amazing!
My girlfriend was real nervous as would be expected but once the baby was on the screen and we got the all clear she relaxed,it was amazing seeing the baby up there and we got two pics that are really detailed,didnt take long and we were'nt rushed around or anything,had a great day all together(we went to the coombe btw)

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notsobusy Registered User

Sorry to hear about your situation. Forget about him, if you have a loving family and good friends you'll be fine.

That's the thing about affairs, you've got to accept the consequences. He obviously can't. He might come round eventually but don't rely on him. But as someone pointed out he is legally obligated to provide for the child. Good luck!

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Janet1986 Registered User

@ january, i was on the pill when i got pregnant so it was a shock to both of us.

I think in time he will come around and if he doesn't, i will be fine, the affair is over since i found out i was pregnant.

The baby is my focus

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chirogirl Registered User

I agree with January, even if there's no further contact with him he must help support you financially when the baby arrives, as they're expensive!!

I'm currently taking the father of my Daughter to court. He was very reluctant to help practically and financially. So I had no other choice then to issue him a summons. He's now playing the 'paternity test' card just to delay things. If you can agree things amicably it'll save yourselves and the courts time and money.

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